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Active and Passive Transformations In Informatica PowerCenter

In this article, i tell something about acitve and passive transformation of informatica powercenter.

Reading, manupulating and loading data is called transformation in informatica. Each transformations perform specific functions. There are two type of transformations, passive and active transformations.

Passive Transformations  that do not change rows’ count. What gives passive transformation as input, it gives as output.

  • Expression Transformation
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Lookup Transformation
  • Stored Procedure Transformation
  • XML Source Qualifier Transformation
  • External Procedure Transformation
  • Input Transformation(Mapplet)
  • Output Transformation(Mapplet)

Active Transformations that change the rows’ count.   The number of input rows in source is not equal to output rows in target.

  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Sorter Transformation  (When Selected Distinct Option)
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Filter Transformation
  • Union Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Normalizer Transformation
  • Rank Transformation
  • Router Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation
  • Advanced External Procedure Transformation